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Friday, 04 December 2020 07:17

Mutiny Info Cafe Coffee 3-Pack

Introducing Mutiny's introductory line of fresh locallly roasted coffees. We have crafted these blends to give you a great cup of coffee whatever time of day you need it. Grab all 3 blends and find your favorite.

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A paperback book and coffee combo, brought to you by Luke Schmaltz and Mutiny Info Cafe.

The Belcher – Overserved Underdog
By Luke Schmaltz
A long-brewing clash between a Mile-High music legend and an aggressive government censor has come to a head, as Pablo Vasquez -- aka The Soothsayer -- must contend with the diabolical Blatherskite and his minions. To bolster his crusade, Vasquez recruits Earl Danners -- a prolific beer drinker with a burgeoning talent for belching forth sonic blasts of guttural decimation.

Soothsayer Belcher Blend Coffee
Named after the Soothsayer (a Denver Joe based character) in Luke Schmaltz’s newest novel The Belcher. An everyday blend that is as bold and legendary a coffee as Denver Joe himself. Central and South American beans medium roasted to bring out hints of almond, black cherry and a light milk chocolate. Drink up and be somebody!

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Tuesday, 14 April 2020 09:49

Introducing The New Batch no.One26

The taste in the making for more than 25 years. We came up with this one when we were broke ass baristas making zines, hopping trains and road tripping across the US. The hints of cedar smoke, dried cranberry and Virginia tobacco come from the uniquely roasted blend of Sumatran and Ethiopian beans. Our everyday brew at Mutiny.

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